If you want an “instant lawn” with a fresh, attractive appearance, there is no better choice than New Braunfels sod grass. At King Ranch Turfgrass, we carry the name and heritage of one of Texas’ finest agricultural establishments.

Not only is our grass sod for sale in New Braunfels TX known for its quality, but our team is also highly regarded for responsiveness, customer service and overall performance. Finding the right fit in your New Braunfels turfgrass for sale can seem overwhelming, which is why we offer an easy-to-use tool to identify the perfect type of grass for your environment and needs.

Stop fretting over reseeding your lawn or larger commercial property, and choose the more efficient, aesthetic approach with the help of the sod experts at King Ranch Turfgrass.

Benefits of choosing New Braunfels sod grass

Anyone who has attempted to reseed a lawn or property knows how burdensome the process can be. Not only do you have to wait for a certain time of year to maximize grass growth, but you also must constantly attend to the seed to prevent poor germination and monitor its overall progress.

Grass sod for sale in New Braunfels TX offers the same attractive lawn, with a fraction of the work. Choosing turfgrass delivery in New Braunfels TX means that you are receiving:

  • An “instant lawn” that can be used almost immediately after planting
  • Grass that reduces dust, mud and erosion, leading to a more level surface for your lawn
  • Turf that can be installed at virtually any time throughout the year
  • A yard that is nearly free of weeds, pests and other intruders.

Installing healthy, attractive sod can revamp your entire landscape appearance in a matter of hours. Instead of having to wait for months for your grass to reseed and grow to be thick and lush, you can replace entire swaths of your yard in one fell swoop.

At King Ranch Turfgrass, we know that your individual circumstances dictate the type of grass that works at your home or business facility, which is why we take the time to assess amount of shade, the intended use and your budget.

We offer:

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