Many people believe that history repeats itself.  In the case of King Ranch Turf Grass – Texas, there is an echo of the earliest beginnings of Captain Richard King’s now legendary ranch that is undeniable. 

Over the generations, King Ranch’s agricultural operations became larger and much more diversified, but they all rested on that early foundation of caring for the land to produce good range grasses that Captain King established back in the middle of the 19th century on his foothold in the old Wild Horse Desert.

The vital food for cattle in old South Texas was grass, and for his nascent cattle empire to survive, it was imperative that Richard King become expert in ensuring that his pasturelands were as rich with nutritious grasses as they could possibly be. 

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Through the years, King Ranch’s agricultural endeavors have taken the organization to many parts of the world – and elsewhere in the United States.  In the early 1960s, King Ranch began agricultural operations in Florida.  Today, in addition to its role as the largest citrus producer in Florida through its majority ownership of Consolidated Citrus, King Ranch Florida is one of the top ten turf grass producers in the Sunshine State.  Continuing in the early King Ranch tradition of care for the environment while raising a superior product, King Ranch Turf Grass Florida takes particular pride in best management practices – an emphasis that sets all King Ranch turf Grass operations apart from typical sod producers.

In 2007, King Ranch Turf Grass purchased the Texas assets of Turf grass America, which, combined with the company’s existing farms, established King Ranch Turf grass as the largest turf grass producer in Texas.  With fourteen turf grass farms and six retail distribution centers throughout the state, King Ranch Turf grass is the logistical provider of choice for all your turf grass needs – wherever you or your clients are in Texas.  Each of our farms produces multiple varieties of turf grasses that are ideally suited to specific Texas growing environments. Customers can consult with the specialists at King Ranch Turf grass on selecting the best grass suited for their area as well as delivery and installation options.

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Building on the expertise that King Ranch has garnered over the past 45 years in Florida and hearkening back to the early pasture management on Captain King’s now legendary South Texas spread, King Ranch Turfgrass – Texas is proud to offer some of the finest turfgrass available in the Lone Star State. 

With several varieties of St. Augustine, Bermuda, Zoysia, Buffalo, Bent grass and Paspalum grasses growing on our farms and available through our distribution centers, King Ranch Turf grass can respond to your needs with a quality product that is within easy reach of all major Texas markets.  Additionally, you can be assured that the quality and attention to detail that have characterized all of King Ranch’s diverse business pursuits through the years manifest themselves clearly in all of our Texas grasses.

Captain Richard King’s early and now legendarily successful efforts at growing quality rangeland grasses for his burgeoning cattle operation have a contemporary analog of which we believe the Captain would approve.  King Ranch’s early pasture management techniques on the Rincon de Santa Gertrudis yielded a feast for hungry cattle.  In 21st century Texas, King Ranch Turf grass carries on the tradition of environmentally conscious, quality grass production – providing a feast for the eyes of thousands of people throughout the Lone Star State, whether they are watching a professional football game, playing a round of golf, or enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the backyard. Please contact us or click on our Turf grass Selector to learn more.