How can Katy sod grass benefit your property and the environment? At King Ranch Turfgrass, we believe in sustainable environmental practices, which involves the use of high-quality turfgrass throughout urban neighborhoods in Texas.

You may not believe that choosing grass sod for sale in Katy TX would make a big environmental difference — but you might be surprised to learn just how beneficial sod can be when compared to reseeding. Let us show you how choosing Katy turfgrass for sale can benefit the appearance and health of your property while offering environmentally friendly options for your long-term landscaping needs.

“Going green” with Katy sod grass

Growing grass from seed may not seem burdensome on the surface — but consider the amount of fertilizer, water, weed-killer and other chemicals that you must apply simply to allow the grass to take root.

Even then, the quality of your grass may pale in comparison with grass sod for sale in Katy TX. When you choose King Ranch Turfgrass, you are investing in a “greener” option that uses fewer chemicals, improving the safety of your family and pets, while also:

  • Eliminating risk of erosion and dust
  • Providing a strong defense against weeds and pests
  • Filtering water and toxins
  • Offering a cooling effect on the environment,
  • Requiring less maintenance, and sometimes even less mowing, than other types of grass

Choosing King Ranch Turfgrass for turfgrass delivery in Katy TX means that you are investing in an environmentally sensitive model of agriculture. As one of the largest turfgrass producers in the U.S., we believe that we have a responsibility to remain agriculturally innovative while protecting the environment through harmonious practice. With our premium selections of:

Katy residents will benefit the urban and rural landscapes by renewing soils, contributing oxygen to the environment, and using less water than other landscape options. Ready to get started with your delivery of Katy sod grass? Contact our team today to learn more.

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