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Buffalo Grass

Prairie Buffalograss


Prairie is the only true native grass in North America and is recommended for use as a minimal maintenance turfgrass.

Buffalo Grass

609 Buffalograss


609 is a blue green, fine textured Buffalograss which ranks as a top turf type known for its drought tolerance and minimal maintenance.


Palisades was released from Texas A&M and is fast becoming the choice for homeowners and architects who want non-traditional lawn choices.

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Zorro Zoysia


Zorro is a fine bladed, dark green color, #1 ranked Zoysia grass in the world with multiple used in golf, commercial, and home sites.


Emerald Zoysi is known as the "Cadillac" of turf and is the most widely used fine textured zoysia in the Southern U.S.


Triple Crown Blue, a special blend of improved Kentucky Bluegrass grown by King Ranch. This blend will maximize color, fine-bladed leaf texture and durability.


Frontier Fescue – Our narrow-bladed, cool season turf-type tall Fescue is a special blend grown by King Ranch.