The early and ongoing commitment to growing quality rangeland grasses in South Texas has a vibrant contemporary counterpart in King Ranch’s very successful turfgrass business in Florida.  King Ranch first established agricultural operations in Florida in the early 1960s, and today, the production of high quality turfgrasses is an important component of the ranch’s endeavors in the Sunshine State. King Ranch is one of the top ten sod producers in Florida and grows common and specialty turfgrasses on its three sod farms that total approximately 3,700 acres in South Florida. King Ranch Turfgrass – Florida sells between 250,000 and 700,000 square feet of turfgrass daily. This grass is shipped all over Florida, where most of it is planted in home lawns. Ask our professionals about our sod types and delivery and installation options. 

If King Ranch Turfgrass is obsessive about anything, it is quality.  Consistently producing high quality turfgrasses is a standard from which King Ranch Turfgrass refuses to deviate.  How do we achieve this goal?  Our employees are some to the most skilled people in the industry, and they apply their many years of experience along with the latest scientifically proven techniques to create a superior product.  A key aspect of this know-how in action is “best management practices”.

Best Management Practices

Best management practices involve great vigilance on the part of our employees, who are constantly inspecting our turfgrasses to insure that we deliver a good quality product with the fewest weeds, the highest density and the greatest likelihood of thriving where it is planted.

One of the most important aspects of “best management practices” that distinguishes King Ranch Turfgrass from some other turfgrass producers is our genuine concern for the environmental impact of our operations.  King Ranch Turfgrass makes good use of the latest agricultural science by testing its grasses and soil regularly for the presence of toxins.  Using the best equipment and technology available, we make it a special priority not to over-fertilize, so our grasses do not require extra water.  In fact, all of King Ranch’s irrigation practices conserve water and mitigate the depositing of sediment. King Ranch Turfgrass also works to reduce erosion to keep soil in place and takes environmental conditions into account when using pesticides to minimize pesticide drift potential. Additionally, King Ranch thoroughly trains all its workers to protect themselves while they are protecting the environment. King Ranch Turfgrass also establishes buffer areas of natural vegetation between turfgrass fields and nearby creeks and rivers – thereby significantly decreasing the depositing of sediment into river systems. 

King Ranch is proud to note that we regularly meet and exceed local, state and national agricultural regulatory requirements.  We do more than is necessary to produce a good crop and simultaneously protect the environment – surpassing industry standards is an everyday way of doing business at King Ranch Turfgrass.

King Ranch Turfgrass – Florida maintains constant communication with seed companies and university horticultural departments, and grows high quality, innovative grass varieties that are ideally adapted for many different kinds residential and commercial applications throughout Central and South Florida.

Florida is the birthplace of King Ranch Turfgrass.  With the recent acquisition of significant turfgrass assets in Texas, King Ranch is exporting the time-tested turf farming expertise that was honed in Florida back to the state where the King Ranch legend first took root.

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