Why should you choose Conroe sod grass for your home or commercial landscaping? Instead of choosing rock or seeded grass, consider the benefits of grass sod for sale in Conroe TX. Not only does a sod lawn contribute to the value of your home or commercial property, it also tends to be more cost- and energy-efficient, offering a variety of advantages in appearance and function.

Even better, a sod lawn has the power to reduce greenhouse gases, absorb carbon dioxide and offer a cooler and more comfortable landscaping option. Let us show you the benefits that come along with choosing a King Ranch turfgrass delivery in Conroe TX.

How Conroe sod grass benefits your property

Growing a lawn from seed can be a burdensome task. Why not let someone else do it, and simply transfer the grass to your landscaping area? Our team spends more than a year cultivating the seed into sod so that it is fully mature when it reaches its intended location. Our Conroe sod grass is:

  • Easy to install and can be fully used within a month
  • Available year-round, and can be installed anytime, providing that the ground is not frozen
  • Tends to require less water as compared to using seed
  • Cultivated to filter dust and dirt from your home.

Choosing our Conroe turfgrass for sale also means that you are installing a lawn that is environmentally responsible, as it absorbs carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen faster than even a large tree. Turfgrass from King Ranch prevents erosion and maintains a healthier environment for all!

Browse our grass sod for sale in Conroe TX

Are you ready to get started with your Conroe sod grass options? Select from beautiful sod options based on your preferences, including: 

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