Bring beauty and functionality to your commercial property with the help of King Ranch Turfgrass and our Texas commercial sod grass selection. From golf courses and athletic fields to large residential complexes and more — bringing beauty and uniformity to large areas of land can be a bit challenging, but King Ranch Turfgrass has solutions.

We grow a variety of commercial sod grass in Texas. In fact, all together, we farm over 13,000 gross acres of turfgrass, which makes us one of the largest turfgrass providers both here in Texas and throughout the rest of the United States.

If you’re looking for commercial turfgrass for sale in Texas, you can find a variety of the following grass types in our inventory:

This selection of Texas commercial sod grass allows you to bring both beauty and functionality to your property. Not only does these grasses look immaculate when installed, but they do their part to stabilize soil, protect soil from erosion caused by the water and wind and also defend against weeds.

Bringing commercial sod grass in Texas to your commercial location can lend serious curb appeal while also creating a healthier eco system all together.

Not sure what type of grass would be best for your commercial facility?

In addition to farming commercial turfgrass for delivery in Texas, we can help you decide which grass would work best for your purposes. We invite you to visit our turfgrass selection tools available right here online.

Simply let us know a little bit of information about your needs and this handy tool will display all the turfgrasses that will work best for you. From there, you can make a decision based on which grass you like the most. Orders can be placed quickly and securely online.

See why King Ranch is an undisputed leader in Texas commercial sod grass. Consult with the professionals on our team right now!

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