Get all the information you need about available Arlington sod grass by shopping with the team here at King Ranch Turfgrass. For many years, we have served as the area’s foremost provider of turfgrass.

In fact, King Ranch farms over 13,000 gross acres of turfgrass, allowing us to supply both residential and commercial clients with the volume and type of grass that they need. We invite you to start the process by checking out our grass sod for sale in Arlington TX.

We have a wide range of Arlington turfgrass for sale

Here at the online home for King Ranch Turfgrass, we provide valuable resources for clients that might not even know what type of grass they’re looking for. We know that not everyone is an expert on the subtle differences amongst the various types of grass. That’s why our Arlington sod grass experts provide:

  • Detailed descriptions of each type of turfgrass. When it comes to grass sod for sale in Arlington TX, we offer Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine and Buffalograss. This includes proprietary varieties of St. Augustine and Bermuda. You can access extensive information on each type right here online.
  • Photos of our turfgrass. Reading about grass is one thing but seeing its beauty firsthand is different. That’s why King Ranch Turfgrass provides pictures of all the various types of grass that we currently offer.
  • Turfgrass selector. Before placing your order and scheduling your turfgrass delivery in Arlington TX, you need to know the ideal grass for your purposes. Visit King Ranch’s turfgrass selector, which allows you to identify which grass will work best for you.

From discovering the type of grass that will thrive in your conditions, to placing your order and coordinating a seamless delivery, you can rely on King Ranch Turfgrass for all of your Arlington sod grass needs. Get started now by shopping with us!

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