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St. Augustine

Floratam St. Augustine


As its name implies, Floratam St. Augustine is the result of collaboration between the University of Florida and Texas A&M University.

St. Augustine

Common St. Augustine


Common St. Augustine has been actively propagated in Texas for over a century.


Emerald Zoysi is known as the "Cadillac" of turf and is the most widely used fine textured zoysia in the Southern U.S.

Buffalo Grass

609 Buffalograss


609 is a blue green, fine textured Buffalograss which ranks as a top turf type known for its drought tolerance and minimal maintenance.


Originally bred in Australia, Celebration™ Bermuda grass is highly drought tolerant and quite visually appealing.


Specifically selected for its superior drought and wear tolerance compared to other bermudagrass varieties.


Triple Crown Blue, a special blend of improved Kentucky Bluegrass grown by King Ranch. This blend will maximize color, fine-bladed leaf texture and durability.


Frontier Fescue – Our narrow-bladed, cool season turf-type tall Fescue is a special blend grown by King Ranch.